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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for the SuperCounters?

No! The supercounters will always be free for everyone!

Can anyone get a free counter?

Yes. You may use your free counter for your personal and small business sites.

Why my account been terminated?

Please do not hide the counter, make it visible and clickable. Otherwise your counter will be terminated.

What is my Site ID?

Your Site ID is the string of numbers in your counter code.For example:

      <script type="text/javascript">sc_online_t(123456,"users online","#000000");</script>
Your Site ID is 123456.

Why do I see code instead of a counter?

This happens when your web site design software thinks that the code is text content for your site instead of HTML code. You need to copy the counter code and paste it directly into the source code of your page. If you do not know how to do this, consult the help for your web site software to find out how to insert HTML code or how to edit the source code.

Do you have HTTPS version of the counter script?

We have updated our system to support SSL connection, If the code on your site are not working, you are probably using an older version of counter code. Please sign up a new counter and replace Site ID with your current one.

How to install supercounters counter code into Tumblr?

1.Log into your Tumblr Account.
2.Go to 'Preferences -> Customize your blog',and paste your counter code in your Description box.
3. Don't forget to click "Save".

Does the supercounters count my own visits to my site?

The supercounters measures how many times the supercounters HTML code has loaded on your page. This means the counter will register your own hits as well.

What if my site has multiple pages and I want to know how many hits each page receives?

You will need to register separate accounts for each page. Don't worry, you can get as many counters as you want for free.

Can I use supercounters in e-mails?

ABSOLUTLY NOT!!!! Your account will also be flagged for deletion if you try to display the counter in email messages. This is to prevent spammers from abusing our counters in their spam messages.

Manual Flag Counter code modifications

  • bgcolor=FFFFFF This is your Flag Counter's background color. This can be any valid 6 digit hex number.
  • fcolor=000000 This is your Flag Counter's text color. This is adjusted in the same manner as the background color.
  • bdcolor=CCCCCC This is your Flag Counter's border color. This is also adjusted in the same manner as the background color.
  • column=2 This is the number of columns in your Flag Counter. This can be any number between 1 and 8.
  • max=12 This is the maximum number of flags shown on your Flag Counter. This can be any number between 1 and 100.
  • countrycode=0 This setting adjusts whether the flags are labeled by their country code, and can be either 0 (on) or 1 (off).
  • nostats=0 This setting adjusts whether a stats information is included on your Flag Counter and be be either 0 (on) or 1 (off).

I have lost the counter code.Can I recover it?

If the url of the page which contained counter code is http://example.com/counter then go to www.google.com and in search box,type this cache:http://example.com/counter and it will show you the cached version of the page in Google index. Since most of the sites nowadays gets cached immediately, the chances of you finding your counter code in Google cache are very high.